September 2, 2015

Pint Glass Nights - September 2015

Misc. pint glass nights around Austin for September.  Buy the beer, keep the glass.
Gingerman – Mondays, at 6 PM
Sep 07  Samuel Adams Octoberfest
Sep 14 Saint Arnold Oktoberfest
Sep 21 Hofbrau Oktoberfest
Sep 28 Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale

Zax Pints and Plates – Wednesdays, at 6 PM
Sep 02  Saint Arnold Art Car IPA
Sep 09 Karbach Oktoberfest
Sep 16 Lagunitas Sucks
Sep 23 Real Ale Oktoberfest
Sep 30 Oktoberfest Party

Flying Saucer  - Wednesdays, at 7 PM
Sep 02  Left Hand Oktoberfest Stein
Sep 09 Brooklyn Oktoberfest Stein
Sep 16 Oktoberfest Stein TBD
Sep 23 Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest Stein
Sep 30 Hofbrau DAS BOOT!!!
Draught House – Wednesdays
Check their twitter page for glass updates
Red's Porch – Thursdays, at 6 PM, Check their events page for glass updates

August 31, 2015

Beer Bums Meeting – August 2015

Wanting to visit a single style we settled on the broad spectrum of lagers.  This style covers a lot of other styles, but maybe not as broad as something like “ales”.  While it casts a wide net most are very clean and crisp and we are also on the edge of Oktoberfest season which may be my favorite of all the lagers.  The new Oktoberfest from Sierra Nevada being my favorite and they really nailed the style. (Unfortunately I forgot to snap a pic of it at the meeting so the below photo was taken later).  The bonus Not Your Father’s Root Beer was definitely a different drink that tasted exactly like root beer.

Next Month, September – Pilsners

August 26, 2015

The Brü Revü – Karbach Hellfighter

I picked this up on a quick work trip to Houston about 2 years ago and promptly put it in the beer fridge where it sat forgotten until now!  The Hellfighter is Karbach’s Imperial Porter that is the base to all of their outstanding Bourbon Barrel vintages that I have yet to try. The beer poured a pitch black with a large and spongy tan head that left good lacing and a lingering ring.  The nose was very sweet and fruity for a porter with a tinge of bittersweet chocolate to round out the dark fruit and dried cherry notes in the aroma.  The taste started off with a burnt chocolate bitterness that quickly faded into the dark fruits and sweet malts.  This thick and creamy brew finished with a roasty bitterness that was palate coating and begged to be extinguished with another sip. The Hellfighter was a very smooth brew that seemed to mellow after 2 years although it still had a lot going on with a depth and complexity that would lend itself well to Karbach’s frequent Bourbon Barrel Aging. Now I need to seek out the Aged version as I would love to see the effects of the Bourbon Barrels on a beer that was as robust as the Hellfighter.  

Karbach Hellfighter

August 19, 2015

The Brü Revü – Victory Golden Monkey

Ahhh the Golden Monkey!  Victory’s year round Belgian Tripel that has been a staple in my beer rotation for years. The beer poured a deep gold with a large fluffy white head that left generous lacing.  The aroma was full of Belgian yeast and spices with cloves being the dominant spice.  The taste followed the nose with the clove spiciness and Belgian yeast notes that were accompanied by sweet candi sugar notes.  The sweetness became more prevalent as it warmed as did a slight peppery spice finish, but the main Belgian yeast and clove spices were at the forefront of this delicious brew.  The Golden Monkey hid its high ABV while remaining full flavored with a medium to full mouthfeel and a good level of carbonation.  All in all this was a great American version of a Belgian Tripel that I wish more brewers would produce.  The Belgian styles allow room to move and experiment, but I may be a bit biased as I got my craft beer start on Belgian Tripels and Dubbels.  I always need a tripel in my fridge so a well done year round version like the Golden Monkey keeps me in heaven.

Victory Golden Monkey

August 12, 2015

The Brü Revü - Founders Curmudgeon

You can't go wrong with a Founders beer, especially when it's Oak Aged with molasses. The Curmudgeon is just that, an Old Ale brewed with molasses and Oak aged to create another out of this world beer. The fact that this is a standard seasonal for Founders makes it even better. The beer poured a slightly opaque deep amber with a fleeting tan head. The aroma had sweet molasses and syrupy booziness right out of the bottle and was very pronounced. The taste had a sweet and syrupy tone from the start with an underlying bitterness that was fighting for attention but was deftly held at bay. I could detect hints of vanilla from the oak aging as it warmed in addition to dark fruits that gave this brew depth and character. My sample was a year old and I could see where it could be a little hot fresh. A year seems to have tamed the heat and allowed the flavors to balance themselves. It's still a thick and boozy beer with enough sweet molasses and dark fruit tones with hints of vanilla to make it a big and complex brew. Another excellent creation from Founders.