October 19, 2016

Beer Bums Meeting – October 2016

October inspired beers leaves a lot to chance, but we ended up with another batch of great beers.  Three Oktoberfests, a Halloween-ish beer and a Berliner-Weisse.  Not a bad one in the group.

Next Month, November - Brewery Tour?

May 16, 2016

Beer Bums Meeting – May 2016

Summer O’ Sours.  With more and more sour beer commonly available in the Texas market we thought it a good theme for the heat of May.  These tart and sour brews make for a refreshing beverage as the temperatures in Texas begin to soar.the new and local sour favorite Blue Owl Brewing made a big showing as did an exceedingly excellent array of guest beers.

Next Month, June – Imperial Stouts

April 27, 2016

Beer Bums Meeting – April 2016

April Fool’s we are high ABV!  The return of the Beer Bums favorite high ABV beer theme.  All selections were superb with the bonus Pineapple Sculpin for dessert.  The Golden Monkey and Devil’s Backbone are two Tripels that have always been my favorites.

Next Month, May – Summer O’ Sours

March 21, 2016

Beer Bums Meeting – March 2016

March and Spring beers. Why not.  Definitely a wide range of styles and beers with most being light in color and not overbearing.  Are we done with stouts already?.

Next Month, April – April Fools Beers (High ABV)