August 1, 2013

The Brü Revü – Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery Half IPA

Austin Beerworks Half IPA is their second Heavy Machinery series to show up in cans.  The previous Double IPA was excellent so they have huge shoes to fill with this one, although they are beers at opposite end of the IPA spectrum.  You go from a big and bold Double IPA to a smaller more sessionable Half IPA.  It’s quite a contrast, but I think Austin Beerworks hit it out of the park again.  This beer isn’t trying to melt your face or destroy your palate.  It’s a more quaff-able IPA with an assertive hop flavor and full hop aroma.  The Half IPA poured a crystal clear golden yellow with a substantial white head which made it appear very crisp and vibrant. The aroma was of dank and fruity hops that were strong and thick.  The hop flavors are all upfront with some dank flavors a hint of citrus and tropical fruits that quickly fade and leave a light impression on our palate.  For a Half IPA it takes you on a surprisingly deep hop ride from the aroma to the taste but stayed light on the palate hence a Half IPA.  Its definitely a big step in the opposite direction from the previous Heavy Machinery Double IPA but give it a chance and I think you will learn to love it just a much.

Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery Half IPA

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