September 25, 2013

The Brü Revü – Lagunitas Little Sumpin Wild

The Lagunitas Little Sumpin Wild is a take on their delicious Little Sumpin Sumpin which is kind of a wheatish IPA, though more IPA in my book.  The Wild version uses a Westmalle trappist yeast in that brew which gives the beer some funky “wild” flavors to create a Belgian Style IPA with hints of wheat.  Now to start, this isn’t a “wild ale” in terms of being soured or with bacteria added, it’s more of a Wild take on the original brew.  There are no sour flavors or funkiness in that regard although the trappist yeast thrown into the mix does give off hints of a slight funk.  The Wild poured a golden amber with a substantial fluffy white head.  There were loads of the signature citrusy Lagunitas hops on the nose with a bit of funk underneath from the Belgian yeast. The taste was big juicy citrus and fruit hops with Belgian yeast flavors coming through on the end.  The Westmalle yeast gave it a bit of funk though not to the Brett levels, but nicely undertoned and complementary to the juicy hops.  The Little Sumpin Wild is a unique take on a Belgian IPA and the original Little Sumpin Sumpin that was a plentiful palate pleaser.

Lagunitas Little Sumpin Wild

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