September 24, 2015

The Brü Revü - Sierra Nevada Ovila Abbey Tripel

I'm always a sucker for a good Belgian Style Tripel as I began my craft beer journey with the Belgian styles and quickly fell in love with Tripels. It's not a style that is as hip in this Craft beer renaissance but one I will always try. When I saw this version that was made by Sierra Nevada in collaboration with the Monks at the Abbey of New Clairvaux I was instantly intrigued. The beer poured a deep golden amber that was slightly opaque and had a lively carbonated head that dissipated quickly. The aroma had the trademark Tripel spices with the Belgian yeast and a hint of sweet fruit and pear. The taste was spicy with those trademark tripel notes and Belgian yeast. There was also an underlying floral and fruity sweetness that helped hold the spices at bay. The lively carbonation kept the flavors dancing on my palate and as the beer warmed the nuances of this deeply complex brew emerged.  A great rendition of a classic Tripel along with sweet fruit and malt tones that made this a formidable brew.  All in all a very well done Tripel in the hands of the great brewers at Sierra Nevada and one that I will gladly drink again.

Sierra Nevada Ovila Abbey Tripel

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