May 23, 2012

The Brü Revü – HeBrew Hop Manna IPA

HeBrew (Schmaltz Brewing Company) is new to Texas although their website says they have been brewing for 15 years now.  They are a Jewish brewery and all of their beer are Kosher, if you were concerned about that. I picked up their Hop Manna IPA to try and it was a perfect introduction.  This IPA was very dry and hop forward in the West Coast style of IPAs.  The hop aromas hit me as soon as I opened the bottle and the strong piney and citrus hops lingered  in the initial taste. The hops had a very fresh punch at the front end that left with a clean and bright follow through. All in all a very bright and fresh West Coast style IPA from a Jewish brewery from New York that consistently held up its profile during the entire session. Well done and it definitely put them on my radar to try other beers in their line-up in the future.

HeBrew Hop Manna IPA

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