January 23, 2013

The Brü Revü – Green Flash Le Freak

When I read the description of the Green Flash Le Freak as a modern ale converging a Belgian Trippel and an American Imperial IPA I knew I was in trouble.  A Belgian Trippel and an American Imperial IPA are my two favorite beer styles so combining them into one behemoth beer could easily destroy me.  I wasn’t wrong.  The beer poured a bright golden color with a large fluffy white head that reflected its bottle conditioning.  The aroma was big and fruity with a fresh hop nose and Belgian yeast undertones that had me eagerly anticipating my first taste...  and that first taste blew my face off. It started lightly sweet and fruity and melded into a slightly bitter citrus hop flavor that was expertly nuanced and balanced. The best flavors and profiles of the Trippel and Imperial IPA blended exceptionally and continued to pull me back in for sip after blissful sip.  I see the Le Freak as the more refined and sophisticated older sibling to the Rayon Vert, (an excellent beer in it’s own right).  It is not often that a beer can wow me with such ferocity, and this unique brew may ruin my ability to love another beer again.

Green Flash Le Freak

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