January 16, 2013

The Brü Revü – Stone Double Bastard

Double Bastard is Stone’s iconic Arrogant Bastard times two and it is a devastatingly devilish brew.  It poured a deep amber ruby color with a tan head that produce significant lacing.  The aroma is a boozy malt with citrus and floral hops coming from everywhere.  The taste was incredible.  Thick and syrupy malt at the front with plenty of bitter hops to balance it out in the end.  It is a unique brew with a heaviness and maltiness to be a barley wine but loads of hops to keep it directly on the Stone Brewing map.  The Double Bastard was bracingly bitter but boozy and smooth all in one bastardly package.  I love this one twice as much as the Arrogant Bastard and will look forward to it every fall.  Are you worthy of the Double Bastard?

Stone Double Bastard

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