September 2, 2014

The Brü Revü – Hops and Grain Greenhouse IPA, August

August’s Greenhouse IPA is about balance.  According to the Greenhouse IPA site, there are definitive notes of lemon up front, an earthy middle and juicy finish.  Hops & Grain used a blend of 33% Centennial, 15% Mosaic, 15% Meridian, 15% Crystal, 15% Perle, 3% Bravo, 3% Falconer’s Flight to achieve their balance.  As usual the beer pours and looks almost identical each month with a deep golden amber and fluffy white head. The aroma was an initial lemon rind hop with some earthy tones underneath.  The taste followed with a definite lemon rind bitterness at the start that faded to a juicy dank finish.  It left a lingering bitter coating on my palate that had me anticipating the next sip.  As with every Greenhouse IPA this was easy to drink and this version was definitely the most balanced.   On those terms H&G definitely hit their mark and made another amazing iteration of the Greenhouse IPA and achieved balance… ohmmmm

Hops and Grain Greenhouse IPA

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