September 30, 2014

The Brü Revü – Lagunitas Imperial Red Ale

Although I am not a huge fan of red ales, Lagunitas never lets me down so I jumped at the chance to pick up their Imperial Red Ale. The beer poured a deep copper mahogany color with a substantial off white head. The aroma was of a piney and citrusy hop with a bit of toffee malt underneath. The taste followed with an initial sweet malt that quickly jumped into a mega hop dose of slight resinous pine and more citrus and tropical fruit bitterness. It leaves a burnt toffee and hop bitterness on your tongue between pulls and even has hints of floral hops as the flavor lingers. This Imperial Red Ale from Lagunitas has me back on the red ale fence. When done right like this one it is a wonderful hop journey over a bed of malty goodness. Great work once again from Lagunitas, and I will definitely be grabbing whatever comes next.

Lagunitas Imperial Red Ale


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