October 29, 2014

The Brü Revü – Community Mosaic IPA

A business trip to Dallas allowed me to pick up this Community Mosaic IPA gem.  I was able to have it on tap as well and it was an outstanding beer drinking experience. The beer poured a slightly hazy amber with a full and fluffy white head that left generous lacing. The aroma was that perfect Mosaic hop of big tropical and citrus fruit with some sweetness holding it all together.  The taste followed with the same fresh, big and bright tropical fruits and orange citrus with a subtle sweetness carrying all the fruity bitter hops.  The flavor left a slick and bitter resinous coating on my palate that made this an incredible IPA.  This was my second single hop Mosaic IPA and the Mosaic hop really hits the perfect IPA tones for me. A phenomenal all around IPA and a wonderful beer from Community in Dallas. Start sending this to Austin!

Community Mosaic IPA

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