November 19, 2014

The Brü Revü – Hops and Grain Greenhouse IPA, October

The October (#10) Greenhouse IPA is definitely one of the more unique versions of  the series.  Hops & Grain used a blend of Crystal, Centennial, Bullion and Horizon hops to truly experiment with the flavor profile of this iteration.  As usual the beer pours and looks almost identical each month with a deep golden amber and fluffy white head. The aroma was very earthy and oily and while that may seem odd in a beer it worked very well in this case. The taste was where this IPA stood on it’s own as this was not your standard IPA but something bold and different.  It started with an earthy grassy punch in the face that quickly yielded to a melon and citrus smoothness with oily hop undertones throughout.  My first reaction was a bit of a shock as the aroma and flavor profile were a departure from the status quo IPAs, but as I continued to quaff I slowly began to love it. I will thoroughly enjoy every can of deliciousness, and anxiously await what is to come next month.  I love what H&G dreams up with each batch and how it is expanding my hop knowledge.  Kudos and keep it up!

Hops and Grain Greenhouse IPA

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