January 28, 2015

The Brü Revü – Community Barrel-Aged Legion

Legion is Community’s Imperial Stout, which they aged in Bourbon Barrels to create a magically delicious elixir.  The beer poured a pitch black with a slight tan head that dissipated quickly.  The aroma was deep with vanilla and slight bourbon over a bed of chocolate syrup notes that hid the complexities underneath.  What this brew hides in the aroma is quickly revealed on the first sip that quickly expands in your mouth with an initial tinge of bourbon and coffee that transitions into deep chocolate,vanilla and slight coconut flavors. While the bourbon presence is notable, it isn’t overwhelming but rather expertly accentuates the base Imperial Stout.  Heavy on the malts as to be expected the Legion is not overly sweet but keeps the chocolate and vanilla notes in check with nice roasty coffee notes. The brew gets even bigger and better as it warms and is a perfect initial offering from Community in their Barrel-Aged series. If this is their first barrel-aged offering I anxiously await the next one.  Kudos Community!

Community Barrel-Aged Legion

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