January 14, 2015

The Brü Revü – Founders Dirty Bastard

I came at the Dirty Bastard the wrong way as I had the barrel-aged Backwoods Bastard before having the base scotch ale from which it was made.  Details I know, but now having Dirty Bastard I am impressed at how outstanding the base beer is on it’s own.  The beer poured a dark copper amber with a slight dark khaki head.  The nose was sweet and fruity with subtle roast undertones but mostly dark fruits.  The first taste was an intense maltiness with sweetness and a roastiness at the same time that ended with a slight bitter hop profile.  There was a sweet dark fruit and an almost chocolate and coffee aftertaste that lingered on my palate and was a tantalizing reminder of what was to come with each sip.  This was a very rich and deeply layered scotch ale that was like sipping a nice after dinner aperitif.  This creamy brew was a very satisfying and robust drinking experience and a very well done scotch ale.  Founders never ceases to impress and having a beer the quality of Dirty Bastard in your standard line-up is quite a feat.

Founders Dirty Bastard

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