April 30, 2015

The Brü Revü – Oasis Texas Brewing Meta Modern Session IPA

Oasis Texas Brewing is a fairly recent addition to the beer scene in Austin that mainly focuses on Session Beers. They have had an excellent start with their initial line-up of beers and a few award winners to boot.  Their Meta Modern Session IPA is a new offering that may be following the Session IPA trend, but is easily the best version I have had.  The beer poured a slightly opaque straw yellow with a large white head that left generous lacing. The aroma stood out immediately with huge citrus and dank tropical fruit notes that hit your olfactories with a huge hop overload.  The taste followed suite with large doses of juicy citrus and fruity dank hops that leave a pleasantly bitter coating on your palate. While the beer may initially be a bit thin, which is to be expected with a Session IPA, I felt that the added hop notes gave it enough body to keep the beer from turning into a thin watery mess that turns me off of most Session IPAs.  Oasis use a technique called hop-bursting to use the Citra and Mosaic hops to their full effect and take this Session IPA to full IPA hop dosage.  The Meta Modern was a refreshing and drinkable beer that will easily slake the thirst on these hot Texas summer days with a large hop bite to keep you coming back for more.  I think I found my new go to summer beer.  Cheers!

Oasis Texas Brewing Meta Modern Session IPA

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