April 2, 2015

The Brü Revü – Real Ale Full Moon Rye IPA

Real Ale has gone through a re-branding that seems long overdue.  One of the stalwarts and unsung heroes of the Texas craft beer scene they have been brewing world class beers in Blanco, TX will little fanfare or acclaim. They are loved and well known to those of us who have been in and around the Austin and Texas craft beer scene, and their re-branding has brought their lineup a sleeker and more consistent look. I for one love the change as it instantly recognizable and gives their brews a fresh look. Along with this re-branding, Real Ale decided to make a recipe change to their already outstanding Full Moon Rye Ale to make it a Rye IPA.  An added dose of hops and an increased abv have created a spicy rye IPA that will most likely have more appeal to the newer craft beer crowd that craves IPAs. The beer pours a deep orange amber with a nice and fluffy head.  The nose was a terrific hoppy blend of citrus and tropical fruit and immediately let me know that this was a different Full Moon.  The taste followed the nose with the citrus and tropical fruit hoppy bitterness that was riding the familiar spicy rye malt flavors.  The additional hops really took this already great beer to a whole new level.  A citrus and fruity IPA with a spicy rye malt backbone that was impeccable.  A great revision of a great beer just created a sublime IPA.

Real Ale Full Moon Rye IPA

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