September 17, 2011

Upcoming Beer Related Events in Austin

Texas Craft Brewers Festival
Saturday, September 24, 2-8 PM, at Fiesta Gardens
$8 General Admission, $58 for VIP admission (which includes VIP air-conditioned restrooms, ha!)
Looks like you will also have to purchase sampling tokens, $12 for 8 tokens?
Looks like fun!

(512) 3rd Anniversary Party
Saturday, October 8th (tentatively),
407 Radam Lane
This is tentative as I have not seen anything formally announced. 
I went to their 2nd Anniversary Party and have been to several of their Open Houses, all of which were a great time and good opportunity to try the (512) beers.  They will be introducing their THREE, a tripel…. I can’t miss that!

Hopefully I will see everyone at both of these!

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