December 9, 2011

Beer Bums Meeting – Christmas Party 2011!

The Beer Bums annual Christmas party that featured quite the marathon of excellent beer after excellent beer.  It was a good time getting together where we could bring something bigger and better than our usual monthly meeting.  See the below list of the fantastic beers we sampled.  Unfortunately I had to leave just as they were opening the St. Bernardus Christmas Ale, damn!  I know the rest of the Bums took good care of it.

Alesmith Wee Heavy  Wow, this one was fantastic.  This is what a Scotch Ale should be. 

Sierra Nevada Ovila Saison  A great Saison.  First time I have had an Ovila from Sierra Nevada, I need to try more.

Jester King Black Metal Stout  Another amazing beer.  Lots of coffee, chocolate, malt, etc  very good

Ranger Creek Mesquite Smoked Porter  I remember liking this one, but I can’t remember the details…

Gouden Carolus Cuvee Van De Keizer Blauw/Blue  Whoa, this was great!


Malheur 12  I remember not liking this one as much, but my palate may have been worn out by the stouts and porters.  I need to try this one again.

Ranger Creek La Bestia Aimable Great, first time to try this one and was really impressed.

Widmer Brothers Reserve Lemongrass Wheat  OK, by this one I had a few in me.  Tasted like a citronella candle, I was mosquito proof!

Full Sail Sanctuary Belgian Style Dubbel  Really good.  Probably should try it again by itself.

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