July 4, 2012

Jester King and Brewing in Texas

I don’t often like to post emails of what breweries send out, but I thought the recent blog post from Jester King was interesting in its presentation on the state of the beer industry in Texas.  It focuses on the outrageous fees (among other requirements) charged to brewers who want to do business in the state and how it inadvertently discourages small business/breweries.  Texas is definitely a big business state and this exemplifies the issue.  In the wave of support for small business in Texas and around the country, this area has been neglected to be addressed.  The good people at Open the Taps are doing their best to get these issues addressed and changed. This is not only good for all our local craft breweries, but for those outside of our state that want to take advantage of the large consumer base in Texas.  Here is the Jester King post with the aforementioned issues discussed towards the end.
Jester King Post

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