September 23, 2012

The Brü Revü – Green Flash Hop Head Red

The Green Flash Hop Head Red is a Red IPA or an American Red Ale, or whatever it is it’s unique.  To me it tasted like a hoppy Amber Ale which is a good thing.  First off these Green Flash bottles are something else and let you know they are holding a special brew.  They are hefty, uniquely shaped, and covered in raised lettering and their signature sun logo.  Once you open the Hop Head Red you are instantly hit with a citrusy hoppy aroma.  It was perfect.  It poured a dark reddish amber/copper with a huge head with a taste that was heavier on the malts with a full toffee flavor.  The hops were not as intense as I would have expected from the aroma, but the bitterness is still present.  The malts definitely assert themselves and keep the hops at bay.  Overall the Hop Head Red was a tasty unique style as well as a nice twist on a IPA/Red Ale.  

Green Flash Hop Head Red

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