December 24, 2012

Beer Bums Meeting – Christmas 2012 Party!

The Beer Bums 3rd Annual Christmas party that was another marathon of great beers.  I took notes on the beers as we went so I wouldn’t forget what I thought about each one, but I was having trouble keeping up.  I had to leave early so this is a list of what we had while I was there.  There were many more fantastic beers to be sampled after I left. A good time as always.

Leibinger Zeppelin Bier  The warm-up beer.  A good solid German beer.

Unibroue Trois Pistoles  I have had this many times, and it was as great as ever.

Gavroche  A Biere De Garde that tasted more like an amber.  Still a good beer with good carbonation.

Rogue HazelNut Brown Nectar  Excellent.  Sweet but like a hazelnut flavored coffee.  I need to try this one again.

Stone 12.12.12 Vertical Epic Ale  Dark and foreboding with lots of spice.  Initially very tasty, but the spices may get overwhelming after a while.

Boulevard Smokestack Series - Harvest Dance Wheat Wine I like this one a lot.  Sweet with the taste of apricots.

New Belgium Lips of Faith - Biere de Garde  It took me a while to figure out what I was tasting in this one.  It was orange.  A tasty tasty orange.

Avery Hog Heaven A dry-hopped barley wine.  Exciting and tasty, although a bit young for a barley wine.  I need to try it again.

Ommegang Goudenhop  I must have had a few by this point, because I thought this was Ommegang’s version of Duvel, but I was totally wrong.  I couldn’t figure out why it didn’t taste at all like Duvel.... because I’m an idiot.

Adelbert’s Tripel B (Bad Boy Brew)  OK, I don’t even remember this one.  Maybe someone else took the picture with my camera? hmmm

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