December 10, 2012

The Brü Revü – Karbach Brewing Hopadillo IPA

Karbach Brewing is a Houston based brewery that distributes only in Houston. So, of course on a Thanksgiving trip to Houston I had to try their Hopadillo IPA, and I was thoroughly impressed. It poured a golden amber with a full and substantial head. There was loads of citrus and dank hops in the aroma and it was my first indication I was in for an IPA that I was really going to enjoy. The taste had plenty of hop bite with a solid malt body that gave the Hopadillo a well rounded and balanced flavor profile. The hops were heavy with tropical fruits and citrus and a bit of dank hops that I always enjoy. The Hopadillo was an excellent IPA from Karbach and shows a lot of depth and sophistication from such a young brewery. They will definitely give me something to look forward to on any visit to Houston.

Karbach Brewing Hopadillo IPA

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