April 3, 2013

The Brü Revü – Firestone Walker Double Jack IPA

Firestone Walker is officially in Texas and Austin was chosen as the kickoff of their Texas tour.  I was fortunate enough to bring back their Union Jack IPA from a vacation to San Diego and have been eagerly anticipating their arrival in Austin ever since.  Their roll-out came with several events around town and a limited number of bombers of their core beers and more.  I was able to grab a Double Jack and I am so happy I did.  It poured a deep gold with a creamy head and was a beautiful beer.  The aroma was full of hop notes with citrus some pine a little dankness too.  The taste was straight up hops like an amped up Union Jack.  It had a dry bitterness that coated my palate with grapefruit and lemon rind with some caramel underneath.  The Double Jack didn’t play around.  It was a straight up double IPA and it let you know it.  This was a truly great beer from a great brewery and it’s satisfying to know it will be readily available in Austin.

Firestone Walker Double Jack IPA

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