October 7, 2011

The Brü Revü – Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA

The Union Jack was another beer I brought back from my trip to San Diego and another that is not available in Texas at this point.  When you are on the West Coast and want a beer you don’t grab a pilsner or a lager, you get an IPA!   There is no shortage of fantastic IPA’s from the West Coast and the Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA is no exception.  It pours a light amber color with a fluffy white head and a crisp hoppy aroma.  The taste has a strong fresh hop flavor with a good bitterness lingering on the palate that is all carefully balanced with a slightly sweet maltiness.  All in all it makes for a very tasty well balanced IPA that hits all the right IPA notes without overwhelming your senses.  Now, if we can just get this in Texas!

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