June 17, 2013

The Brü Revü – Lagunitas Lucky #13

Lagunitas’s Lucky #13 Mondo Large Red Ale was first brewed for their 13th Anniversary, but they liked it so much, they keep bringing it back.  I have had the Lucky #13.Alt, but never the original.  I am not usually a fan of Imperial Red Ales, but I love all things Lagunitas so I had faith this would be great.  It poured a deep copper amber with a substantial off white head.  There were sweet malts and a strong citrus and fruity hop on the nose.  The initial taste was signature Lagunitas grapefruit and citrus hops and I knew I was going to enjoy this beer.  The flavor had much more depth than the initial hop love.  There were notes of caramel and toasted grain malts underneath the tropical fruit, citrus and apricot hop flavors.  The taste profile was deep and varied and took my palate on a ride with each sip.  The Lucky #13 was a really superb beer and had me re-thinking Imperial Red Ales, although this is the best I have had.

Lagunitas Lucky #13

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