June 23, 2013

The Brü Revü – Karbach Brewing El Hopadillo Negro

El Hopadillo Negro is one of two year round IPA offerings from Karbach and is their version of a Black IPA.  I am growing fond of all Karbach beers so I was happy to pick this up on one of my many trips to Houston.  El Hopadillo Negro poured an opaque black with a significant tan head that exuded heavy hops and a hint of roasted malt in the aroma.  The taste has a strong citrus hop start that faded into a sweet roasted malt bitterness. The Negro was very similar to their Hopadillo but a bit sweeter and with a deeper richer profile.  Given the dark appearance the brew was light and flavorful and left a roasty bitterness on my palate.  El Hopadillo Negro was a really enjoyable beer from Karbach and its silky smooth body was a real beer treat.

Karbach Brewing El Hopadillo Negro

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