June 6, 2013

The Brü Revü – Real Ale 4-Squared

Real Ale took their Fireman’s 4 and turned it up to 11!  They took their ever popular blonde ale and multiplied the malted barley and hops and then added a round of dry-hopping for good measure.  A supercharged version of the Fireman’s 4 with a clean dry finish that went down smooth.  The 4-squared poured a hazy gold with a substantial white head.  The added hops were readily apparent on the aroma and through the first sips that really transformed the Firemen’s 4 into a fantastic beer.  The base Fireman’s 4 flavors are there with a bit more body behind them and more pleasingly bitter hops all around.  The 4-squared was a rockin version of the Fireman’s 4 and will easily be kept in my summertime rotation.

Real Ale 4-Squared

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