November 8, 2013

The Brü Revü – Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery Belgian IPA

Another Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery IPA, another masterpiece.  The Belgian IPA may be my favorite of the series so far.  At least it’s up there with the Double IPA.  At first blush it was like a hopped up Belgian Trippel which is right in my wheelhouse.  It was very similar to the Green Flash Le Freak which I loved so it’s easy to see my love for this beer.  On to the formal review:  It poured a light golden yellow with a pillowy white head.  The fruity Belgian yeast notes are apparent on the aroma along with floral and grassy hops.  The taste was pure bliss.  Fresh fruity Belgian trippel tones were quickly followed by citrus and slight pine hops that added a flavorful bitterness while not totally overpowering the Belgian trippel notes.  The Belgian IPA was a well crafted beer with the differing flavors playing off each other perfectly without one overwhelming the other while maintaining a full flavor experience.  This is one phenomenal brew.

Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery Belgian IPA

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