July 25, 2014

The Brü Revü – Live Oak HefeWeizen

My summer "Tour of Hefeweizens" had to make a stop to review the local classic Live Oak HefeWeizen.  I have had this delicious brew many times around town and take for granted that we have a world class hefeweizen here in Austin.  The beer poured an opaque golden yellow with an enormous fluffy white head.  The aroma was of bananas, cloves and a fruity spice that hit the perfect hefe tones. The taste was classic Hefe with bold bubblegum, banana, clove and spices that floated on a thick and creamy body with zero bitterness.  The Live Oak Hefe is so thick, creamy and smooth its like drinking a beer milkshake.  The note perfect hefeweizen flavors were bold and dominate while maintaining a very refreshing and drinkable brew.  I can easily drink pint after pint of this on a hot day in Texas.  It easily stands up to and exceeds its German counterparts and I would take it over just about any classic German Hefe.  Cheers!
Live Oak HefeWeizen

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