July 9, 2014

The Brü Revü – SanTan Brewing Hop Shock IPA

SanTan Brewing out of Chandler Arizona is the latest out of state brewery to bring their beers to Texas.  They have a strong reputation so I was looking forward to trying their beers.  Of course I started with their IPA.  The beer poured a deep copper amber with a significant off white head.  The aroma kicked in immediately with a strong essence of grapefruit rind and some floral notes with a slight sweet malt underneath.  The taste hit me with more bitter grapefruit rind and bits of tropical fruit that was wrapped around the malty sweetness.  It all ended with a palate soaking piney bitterness that was right up my IPA alley.  The Hop Shock doesn’t pull its bitter punches and socked me into hop heaven.  A great IPA and proper introduction to SanTan Brewing.  Welcome to Texas!

SanTan Brewing Hop Shock IPA

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  1. Thanks for the welcome + review! We're glad you like HopShock - Cheers!