July 1, 2014

The Brü Revü – Real Ale White

Real Ale’s latest canned offering is a Belgian inspired witbier that is dry hopped at the same level as there IPA, but has a low 4.6% abv that makes it light and sessionable.  The beer poured a thick and hazy straw yellow with a light and fluffy white head.  The aroma was of wheat and the typical witbier spices of coriander and orange with the fruity hops hiding underneath it all.  The taste began with the light witbier of spicy wheat and orange zest and quickly faded into the fruity hop essence.  While you could detect a slight bitterness from the hops it is by no means overly dominant.  In fact it added a bold juicy fruit tone that directly complemented the orange and spice flavors of the base witbier.  While the White maintained a light and easily drinkable body, there was no shortage of flavor. The Real Ale White hit all the right notes for me and the dry-hopping perfectly accentuated the base witbier.  It was a bold yet refreshing brew perfect for our Texas heat.

Real Ale White

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