February 4, 2015

The Brü Revü – Victory Hop Ranch

Victory’s Hop Ranch Double IPA is one of their winter seasonals, and what a great seasonal it is.  With all the spiced this and overdone that I prefer a straight up knock your socks off double IPA like the Hop Ranch.  The beer poured a crystal clear light straw with a decent white head that left good lacing.  The aroma was sweet and juicy tropical fruits with some grassy almost pilsner qualities.  The flavor is where the Hop Ranch takes over your palate.  Bursting with big beautiful tropical fruits on the front end thanks to the Mosaic hops this is a beast out of the gate.  The flavor slowly evolves into a floral earthy sharpness that mimics a Pilsner on the back end and coats your tongue with a wonderful bitterness. The tropical fruitiness of this brew made it for me and while I was quickly downing my glass I realized how well the abv was hidden.  A great beer from top to bottom, the Victory Hop Ranch is one Winter seasonal I will seek every year.

Victory Hop Ranch

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