March 25, 2015

The Brü Revü – Smuttynose Robust Porter

My second beer from Smuttynose was their Robust Porter, which is usually a stronger, hoppier and/or roastier version of a typical porter.  The beer poured with a thick tan head and the beer itself was a pitch black that foreshadowed an intense and rich drinking experience. The aroma was heavy on the coffee and dark chocolate notes with a tinge of sweet malts.  The taste was resolutely robust with a deep and full roasted malt flavor that was slightly sweet but full of chocolate and slight hints of coffee.  The deep chocolate and coffee notes became more pronounced as it warmed along with the sweetness. The creamy and smooth body left a lingering burnt roasty bitterness on my palate which quickly disappeared with each sip.  The Robust Porter was a bountiful and complex porter that lived up to the Robust moniker.   Another great brew from Smuttynose.

Smuttynose Robust Porter

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