June 25, 2015

The Brü Revü - Independence Brewing Red Bud

The Red Bud is Independence Brewing’s Berliner Weisse that has been getting rave reviews around Austin and now I can verify it’s great.  We are sorely lacking a good sour beer in a can, although the numbers have been increasing of late.  The Red Bud is Independence’s summer seasonal and a perfect beer for the Texas heat.  The beer poured an opaque straw yellow with a huge fluffy head that dissipated quickly.  The aroma was tart and bready with more of a musky wheat aroma with an added lemon wedge.  The taste had an assertive lemony tartness from the get go that allowed the bready wheat to peak through at mid palate and then only to return at the dry finish. The yeasty breadiness left it’s impression on my palate between sips but was immediately erased with each return quaff by the the acidic tartness.  I found Red Bud to be very light and the tart sourness to be very refreshing in the growing Texas heat.  An easy drinker that is a welcome addition to my beach and pool beer rotation. Although it seems to disappear from the stores quickly, it is nice to have a locally canned readily available Berliner Weisse.  Cheers to Independence!

Independence Brewing Red Bud

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