June 18, 2015

The Brü Revü - Lagunitas Equinox

Another new-ish beer from Lagunitas and of course I grabbed one.  The Equinox is a pale oat ale brewed with Equinox and Simcoe hops and with load of hoppy goodness as Lagunitas consistently brings.  Equinox hops are not a variety I am fully familiar with but I saw the notes of Eucalyptus and I was intrigued.  The brew poured a golden orange with a full and fluffy white head.  The aroma was spicy and hoppy with notes of fruity pine and spruce tips which was a different take than most hop heavy brews.  The first taste had a much milder hop bite than expected although is more fitting with the Pale Ale designation.  The hops emerge after the initial intake as the flavors encircle your tongue with resinous pine and some citrus fruit like hop undertones. The malt profile adds a touch of sweetness to this more subtle yet still hop forward pale ale.  The oats lend a fullness to the mouthfeel that is otherwise very medium bodied.  While not an overall hop overload its a wonderful beer and another great one from Lagunitas, who can do no wrong. Slightly sweet with a complementary woodsy spicy and piney hop bite that makes this another great one from Lagunitas.

Lagunitas Equinox

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