July 30, 2015

The Brü Revü - Lagunitas Olde GnarlyWine

I knew Lagunitas made a Barleywine, but I haven’t seen it in Texas for a long time.  With my love for Lagunitas, when I saw the Olde GnarlyWine showing up in stores I had to pick one up.  The beer poured a deep amber brown to copper with a large tan head that left generous lacing.  I smelled the signature Lagunitas sweet malt aroma and citrus hops the moment I opened the bottle.  There were hints of booziness and more toasted caramel malts that came through in the aroma as it warmed.  The taste continued with the orange citrus notes and really solid malty sweetness that enhanced the citrus notes without any roasty or toasted malt bitterness. A hint of booze was to be expected with such a big beer but the hop bitterness was balanced beautifully with the sweet malt backbone to create a beast of a beer.  Maybe not as sophisticated as some Barleywines, but a solid and satisfying beer that disappeared quickly.  You can’t miss with a Lagunitas brew and the Olde GnarlyWine keeps the streak alive.  Big, bold, and excellent.

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