July 1, 2015

The Brü Revü - Victory Kirsch Gose

The Victory Kirsch Gose is only my second Gose after the Real Ale version and I am growing accustomed to this slightly sour and salty brew.  The Kirsch Gose takes the traditional gose style and adds tart cherries for a dash of sweetness.  The beer poured a gorgeous ruby pink hue with a slight white head that held an aroma of straight up sour and tart cherry notes.  The taste was tart from the get go with a big burst of sour cherry that immediately engulfs your palate with a nice tartness.  It’s on the back end where the sweet cherry notes kick in along with a slight salty hint. Even with the cherry sweetness the finish is fairly dry with the bready wheat briefly taking a peak.  A very refreshing and tantalizingly tart cherry brew that has a nice clean finish.  I can see myself drinking a lot of these sessionable brews this summer.

Victory Kirsch Gose

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