July 9, 2015

The Brü Revü - Stone Brewing Points Unknown IPA

The Stone Points Unknown IPA collaboration with Ecliptic and Wicked Weed had my name written all over it.  Double IPA, check.  Barrel-Aged Belgian Style Tripel, check.  Two of my favorite styles a Double IPA and a Belgian Style Tripel all rolled into one bountiful beer.  The beer poured a deep golden amber with a huge fluffy head with great retention.  The aroma was more in the double IPA territory with citrus and tropical fruit hop tones like a fresh orange with some slight tinges of Belgian yeast and spices.  Not a dynamic aroma but still a nice citrusy IPA aroma.  The taste was where the Points Unknown really took off. There was a plethora of dank and citrus hop notes with a hint of pine that were intertwined with the Belgian tripel yeast and spice tones and a hint of barrel to round it all out.  There was a lot going on in this one.  As soon as one flavor exerted itself another came behind it and pushed itself to the forefront.  It was a dynamic and delightful drinking experience that never became overly bitter or overly boozy. There seemed to be a slight tannic finish as it warmed but in the end the Points Unknown IPA was a unique and exciting beer to drink.  Stone seems to never fail on these collaborations and this was another home run in my book.

Stone Brewing Points Unknown IPA

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