August 12, 2015

The Brü Revü - Founders Curmudgeon

You can't go wrong with a Founders beer, especially when it's Oak Aged with molasses. The Curmudgeon is just that, an Old Ale brewed with molasses and Oak aged to create another out of this world beer. The fact that this is a standard seasonal for Founders makes it even better. The beer poured a slightly opaque deep amber with a fleeting tan head. The aroma had sweet molasses and syrupy booziness right out of the bottle and was very pronounced. The taste had a sweet and syrupy tone from the start with an underlying bitterness that was fighting for attention but was deftly held at bay. I could detect hints of vanilla from the oak aging as it warmed in addition to dark fruits that gave this brew depth and character. My sample was a year old and I could see where it could be a little hot fresh. A year seems to have tamed the heat and allowed the flavors to balance themselves. It's still a thick and boozy beer with enough sweet molasses and dark fruit tones with hints of vanilla to make it a big and complex brew. Another excellent creation from Founders.

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