August 5, 2015

The Brü Revü - Goose Island Sofie

Sofie is one of Goose Island's Barrel-Aged Belgian beers that is a Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale that is partially aged in wine barrels with hand zested orange peels. Having a readily available barrel-aged beer is quite an ambitious feat but one that I readily appreciate.  The beer poured a slightly opaque bright golden yellow with a lively white head. The aroma was full of Belgian yeasts and was very similar to a Belgian golden ale but there was a bit of funk underneath that must have come from the Barrel Aging. The taste followed with a bright and tart fruitiness that had hints of apple and pear that accompanied the Belgian yeast esters ending with a dry finish. There was an underlying barnyard funk to the tart flavor that gave Sofie a nuanced yet sophisticated profile. The mouthfeel was light and bright with the carbonation allowing the complex flavors to dance on my palate. The Sofie was a nuanced brew that was sophisticated yet fruity and peppy enough to go down easy on a hot Texas day.

Goose Island Sofie

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