August 19, 2015

The Brü Revü – Victory Golden Monkey

Ahhh the Golden Monkey!  Victory’s year round Belgian Tripel that has been a staple in my beer rotation for years. The beer poured a deep gold with a large fluffy white head that left generous lacing.  The aroma was full of Belgian yeast and spices with cloves being the dominant spice.  The taste followed the nose with the clove spiciness and Belgian yeast notes that were accompanied by sweet candi sugar notes.  The sweetness became more prevalent as it warmed as did a slight peppery spice finish, but the main Belgian yeast and clove spices were at the forefront of this delicious brew.  The Golden Monkey hid its high ABV while remaining full flavored with a medium to full mouthfeel and a good level of carbonation.  All in all this was a great American version of a Belgian Tripel that I wish more brewers would produce.  The Belgian styles allow room to move and experiment, but I may be a bit biased as I got my craft beer start on Belgian Tripels and Dubbels.  I always need a tripel in my fridge so a well done year round version like the Golden Monkey keeps me in heaven.

Victory Golden Monkey

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