October 25, 2011

Jester King Sues TABC over Beer and Consumer Freedom

I was going to post another beer review, but thought this was much more interesting.  Jester King is suing the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission!  See the full article here: Jester King Takes on "The Man".

They are suing for a variety of reasons: the ability to tell consumers where your beer is available, inaccurate beer labeling required by the state, the ability to sell beer directly to the public, and licensing of foreign breweries to sell beer in Texas.  These are several issues that greatly restrict the growth of the craft beer industry in Texas as well as keeping some world class beers out of Texas completely.  Most of these restrictions have been lifted for Texas wineries and the breweries and brew pubs are only looking for a fair shake.

If you are interested in this issue be sure to support and follow Open The Taps, a grassroots, non-profit consumer advocacy group representing craft beer enthusiasts in Texas. Their goal is to change laws and regulations surrounding the craft beer industry in our state.

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