March 20, 2012

Beer Bums Meeting – March 2012 – Circle Brewing’s 1 Year Anniversary

For March meeting we attended Circle Brewing’s 1 year anniversary.  We were able to taste most of their beers with the standouts being their Hefe, Nightlight Stout and my personal favorite which was the Epic Hop Bock.  The rest of their beers had very similar flavors and profiles to me and nothing really stood out.  According to their blackboard they follow the German Purity Law in their brewing using only Water, Hops, Grain and Yeast.  Their Blur Texas Hefe had a really strong banana and bubble gum yeast flavor that asserted itself on the nose and taste.  It was a great example of a German style hefeweizen and was easy to drink. The Nightlight Irish Stout was very tasty as well with a nice smooth flavor with just a hint of roasted chocolate.  The highlight for me was the Epic Hop Bock which is their version of a hellerbock.  It was very similar to the Rogue Dead Guy Ale, but maybe with slightly more hop bitterness.  I really enjoyed the Epic and it proved to me that Circle Brewing knows what they are doing.

Circle Epic Hop Bock
Circle Blur Texas Hefe
Circle Envy Amber ESB
Circle Alibi Blonde Bock
Circle Hooligan Hoppy Irish Red
Circle Nameless Winter Warmer
Circle Nightlight Irish Stout

The Beer Blackboard.

The Envy Amber ESB.  My first taste.

The Hooligan Hoppy Irish Red.  This one was getting better...

The Nameless Winter Warmer and the Alibi Blonde Bock.

 OK, that's just a pint of grain....  don't drink it!



And I will leave you with a shot of the main brewery area with the bright shiny tanks full of beer, full of potential.

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