March 29, 2012

The Brü Revü – Baltika 6 Porter

I have often seen the inexpensive Baltika beers at the store and viewed them as a cheap higher alcohol beer with not much to offer.  A friend turned me on to the Baltika 6 a told me that it is actually a really good porter and one they covet.  I figured for two bucks it was worth a try!  The Baltika 6 is a Baltic Porter which are typically strong and sweet and the 6 is no exception.  It poured a dark brown to black with a thin tan head.  The first taste was instantly molasses, dark and sweet.  The sweetness remained as it warmed, but the molasses relaxed a bit with a fuller malt profile.  Overall was impressed with the Baltika 6 and will pick one up every now and then although I am still afraid to try to rest of their line-up!

Baltika 6 Porter

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