June 7, 2012

The Brü Revü – Saint Arnold Weedwacker

The Weedwacker is part of Saint Arnold’s moveable yeast series where they take their usual Lawnmower brew and use a Hefeweizen yeast.  Their Lawnmower is a Kolsch style beer and the Hefeweizen yeast gives it a very different and dynamic flavor. It had the bright and clean tastes of the Lawnmower with the distinct bubblegum Hefeweizen flavor to round it out.  The Weedwacker was kind of a light hefe and I prefer it over the traditional Lawnmower.  Is was a great summer brew where the hefe yeast gave the beer a deeper more flavorful profile than the usual warm weather beers. This is a Texas beer not to be missed especially during our hot Summer.

Saint Arnold Weedwacker

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