June 27, 2012

The Brü Revü – Thirsty Planet Jittery Monk

Thirsty Planet has been in Austin for a few years and while it’s not brand spankin new it is still a new brewery in town.  Their Bucket Head IPA is available in most decent bars around town (and is a damn good beer in its own right), but I want to review the Jittery Monk.  It’s a Belgian Coffee Abbey Dubbel which is a unique combination that just seems right.  Coffee brews are generally saved for the stouts and porters as their natural flavor profiles blend well with the richness of a coffee flavor.  Why no one has thought of trying this with a Belgian Abbey is beyond me because this was an outstanding beer.   This beer looked like coffee, smelled like coffee, and even tasted like coffee.  I have read elsewhere that the Jittery Monk is made with cold pressed coffee by Kahona Coffee which is a local roaster.  The coffee excellently balanced and accentuated the Belgian Abbey flavors that blended together to create a smooth creamy brew with no burnt bitterness and no fuss. This is an extremely complex and understated beer sent directly from the Belgian Beer Gods to us. This may be one of the best beers in Austin, and it is definitely one of the best new beers on the scene.  I only hope Thirsty Planet continues to brew it as this could put them on the national brewing map, and I would love to be able to keep drinking it around town!

Thirsty Planet Jittery Monk

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