November 18, 2012

The Brü Revü – Real Ale Brewer’s Cut Batch 002 Black Quadrupel

Wow.  This is a great beer.  Real Ale has really made something special with their Brewer’s Cut Black Quadrupel.  The fact that you can get a local decently priced Quad in a bottle is special enough, but they made it taste phenomenal as well.  It poured a very dark hazy brown with hints of ruby red.  The aroma was dense with the signature Belgian yeast, dark fruits and sweet caramel malts.  The first taste as it hint my tongue was just a huge wow moment.  It had all the flavors of a deep rich Belgian quadrupel with the bubble gum yeast, dark fruits and spiciness to match.  Hidden behind it all was some dark chocolate undertones and the sweet caramel malts.  Definitely a lot going on in this thick and hearty brew that coated my palate with it’s creamy confection.  I still can’t believe this is locally brewed beer and readily accessible without breaking my beer budget.  I hope Real Ale takes this out of the Brewer’s Cut and makes it a regularly featured beer.  I know I would easily drink my share and I bet I am not alone.

Real Ale Brewer’s Cut Batch 002 Black Quadrupel

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