March 21, 2013

The Brü Revü – Sixpoint 3Beans

The Sixpoint 3Beans is an imperial porter that uses Romano, Cacao and Coffee beans to form a triumvirate of fantastic flavors.  This beer is simply great.  The Romano beans gave the beer a wonderful texture to allow the coffee and cacao beans to meld and mutate into something that wasn’t your typical coffee stout/porter.  3Beans poured a deep brown almost black with a substantial khaki head. The aroma was a perfect buttery chocolate with a hint of coffee to round it out.  Let this brew warm because it holds a tang when it’s too cold, but releases into a roasted dark chocolate coffee wonderland when it warms.  One of the best Imperial porters I have had and definitely a tantalizing trinity of tastes!

Sixpoint 3Beans

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