March 29, 2013

The Brü Revü – Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #13

I normally don’t succumb to the beer phenomena that is the Saint Arnold Divine Reserve Series as it is usually gone before I get any.  With #13 Saint Arnold took on a Belgian Quad and with my fondness for Belgian Brews I decided to try a little harder.  I was lucky enough to walk into my local HEB and there it was, Divine.  The beer poured a very dark ruby brown with a slight tan head.  The aroma was a perfect Belgian quad with deep dark fruits and a bit of sweet Belgian yeast.  The taste was an excellent with Belgian yeast, sweet dark fruits, a bit of the chocolate malt and a slight warming from the alcohol.  All in all a great take on a Belgian quad and a great beer in general. It’s a shame it will be gone before I can get more and before more people get a chance to enjoy it, but the Divine Series is just that:  A Divine take on a single batch of beer. I can only hope Saint Arnold's will make beautiful brew available again similar to the Pumpkinator and Endeavour that got their start as a Divine Reserve.

Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #13

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