July 18, 2013

The Brü Revü – Real Ale Hans’ Pils

The Real Ale Hans’ Pils was one of two beach beers I brought with me on a recent vacation to Galveston.  I bought it for two reasons: First, I haven’t had it and heard its an amazing pilsner. Second, it’s in a can which makes beach drinking much easier.  Real Ale is one of the larger and older craft breweries in Texas and has been consistently churning out great to exceptional brews, and the Hans’ Pils is no exception.  It poured a clear gold with a substantial white head and with an aroma of spicy hops.  The taste was light, crisp and refreshing with a smooth body and surprisingly full mouthfeel for a lighter brew.  The Hans’ Pils was a full flavored pilsner with just the right amount of hops to give it a good bitterness without going over the top.  Real Ale really dialed this one in and created an excellent Pilsner and great beach beer.

Real Ale Hans’ Pils

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